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A Sweet Spirit.

Pregnancy loss, baby loss, infant loss... things that can make you bitter. Bitter because your world is laying in fragmented pieces at your feet. Bitter because everywhere you look you see new Mum's with their adorable cooing newborns in glistening prams. Bitter because at every turn there is a beautiful football-shaped bump staring you in the face. Bitter because it looks as though everyone is glowing and you are feeling completely and utterly empty. But let me tell you, it doesn't have to make you bitter.

For me, cultivating a sweet spirit in the days leading up to and following the death of my son was a deliberate and difficult choice. I knew that I still wanted to support my friends who were carrying a precious life, I knew that I wanted to be able to rejoice with them, I knew that I wanted to continue to feel joyful when I saw a mum nursing her babe. The truth is though, that you are now part of a very different 'club'. In a matter of days, we had gone from lookin…

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